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Unicas- crypto friendly financial institution launches its new physical branch

The new branch shall allow users to transact INR and crypto through one account

New Delhi, April 25: Unicas, the world’s first crypto financial institution with physical branches, announced opening another branch in JanakPuri, West Delhi. The new branch is located amidst the hustle-bustle of the commercial district of West Delhi, across the Janakpuri District Center.

In the last year of operations, Unicas has created a one-stop solution platform to invest, earn and borrow cryptocurrencies. With its branches, Unicas is able to bridge the gap between traditional banking and the digital age of investment and allow a seamless transition for its users. Following the overwhelming response at the central Delhi branch in Connaught Place, the brand is now expanding in other parts of the capital starting with the new branch in Janakpuri.

Cashaa, a global banking platform, launched Unicas in India, to enable users to transact in fiat and crypto through a single account with ease.

The new branch is operational and allows users to avail of facilities including high yield savings interest of up to 13% p.a., instant loans against crypto assets, and exchange service.

 The financial institution-Unicas accepts the CAS token as its native crypto asset. Users with a higher portfolio balance in CAS get additional banking services along with a lower rate of interest for loans along with higher earnings on saving balance.

“Contrary to the popular speculations in regard to crypto, we have witnessed a handsome response for the physical branches. We noted how this has helped us to facilitate awareness of technology and innovation, along with introducing the finest banking infrastructure. We aspire to take this way ahead, and the new branch is the step in the same direction,” said Kumar Gaurav- Founder & CEO of Cashaa

“The user base for just the physical branch at Unicas is growing month-on-month. Following the same, we have decided to widen our reach at the grassroots levels. We wish to penetrate the remotest of the areas in India and provide the tech-enabled advanced banking experience to the people. This is just the beginning, and in the long run we will expand across the length and breadth of the county,” said Dinesh Kukreja- CEO of Unicas.

Unicas plans to foray in UP and Telangana, markets too in 2022.