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Uplers bridges the gap between top tech talent and global companies

Uplers Talent Solutions has come a long way in bridging the gap between India’s top tech talents and the globally renowned companies. Candidates looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the reputed companies could realize their dreams with Uplers. Jaymin Bhuptani, CEO, Uplers Talent Solutions reveals the company’s vision and mission in an interview.

What is Uplers about?

Uplers is one of the industry’s largest and most well-known firms, supporting businesses all over the world to create a stronger digital ecosystem. We’ve worked with over 7000 clients, including Facebook, Disney, Amazon, top digital agencies, and many more. It gives us great joy to be recognised as the Most Promising Organization Award, the #1 Small Best IT/ITES Company, and a Great Place to Work-Certified company. We are remote by a select company dedicated to giving our clients a one-stop solution. We deliver to the market an organisation with vast human strength, extensive expertise, and veterans in the field.

What are the current goals that the company is focused on?

Our business model, Uplers Talent Solutions, bridges the gap between India’s top tech talent and global remote working opportunities. Uplers Talent Solutions is a catalyst for every candidate looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for global companies. They have a well-researched global pay scale, and they ensure that talents get paid according to their skills. They have a predefined pay scale for each role, starting from $1500 and going up to $3600. In Indian Rupees, it is a package from 13 Lakhs up to 30 Lakhs, almost 1.5x higher than the Indian standard pay scale. The highlight of this model is the evaluation of talent through a customized vetting process that reviews technical, functional, and communication skills. Currently, only 3.5% of talents are qualifying after successfully clearing all these assessments. After completing assessments, Uplers Talent Solutions schedules an interview with a global company looking for someone full-time with the same skills and knowledge. With Uplers Talent Solutions, talents have a greater than 95% retention rate. They also get various benefits from a dedicated talent success coach, long-term and permanent global remote working opportunities, freedom to choose their employer to post-hire support, and follow-ups.

What gets you excited about the company’s future?

We are focused on providing a perfect Solution for Indian Tech Talent to Work for Global Companies Without the Hassle of Relocating.

Let me throw light on a few facts:

  1. India is the youth capital of the world, and as recorded, 45.9% of the Indian youth is employable.
  2. On average, 0.5 million IT professionals are added to the Indian workforce every year.

Uplers Talent Solutions is not like freelancing or gig platforms that primarily focus on short-term, project-based opportunities and expect freelancers to bid for projects; we know this often becomes a race towards the bottom price. Our objective is to bridge the parity gap between global opportunities and Indian talent. As an organization, the proposition of making a positive difference in people’s lives and bridging the gap between more and more Indian talent and clients across the globe excites us about the company’s future. Today, we have 200 digital marketing, 250 web development, 150 marketing automation, 75 software development, and 125 UI/UX design experts in our talent pool. They are currently available and ready to deploy. The pool has more than 800 talents, and over 100 talents join their pool every month. In the upcoming time, we are planning to expand this platform to help more and more Indian talents land their dream job abroad.

What are the company and team culture like?

At Uplers, we believe that every successful organization’s core is a People-first mindset. Our People are our Pillars of Success. We respect and value each person’s contribution, and they have made Uplers what it is today. Our people are the real heroes who run the show and make us proud. We have grown multifold in a mere two years. In 2020 we were approximately 500, and today in 2022, more than 1000. We are proud that the Uplers family is growing leaps and bounds every day. Not many are aware, but our name “Uplers” came with the thought of uplifting our people. We believe in taking care of our team and looking after them as members of our family. We have always nurtured a performance-driven, people-focused culture because we believe that a happy environment fuels innovation.

Where do you see yourself in the span of the next three years?

By 2025, we aim to grow our tech talent community ten times bigger, reaching at least 5000 and establishing ourselves as a leader within the remote talent industry.

We also strive towards becoming an organization where 50% of the total workforce consists of women. In a few years, we wish to hire national and international talents.

However, our goal is not limited to just achieving growth. We want to see the Indian talent grow and make a mark for themselves globally. Hence, we are constantly helping and connecting Indian talent with global remote working opportunities through Uplers Talent Solutions.