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Upscalio acquires consumer brands Gizga, Tizum, AirCase, and HomePuff

The company to leverage a mix of geographical and product expansion to help the brands achieve INR 200 cr Annual Revenues in 2 years

New Delhi, February 28: In a stellar 4-in-1 win, Upscalio, a roll-up e-commerce company that invests in and grows online-first brands, has picked up a stake in Gizga, Tizum, Aircase, and HomePuff brands. The brands are category leaders and operate in the next-gen Computer, PC and Phone accessories, Laptop Bags, and Kitchenware segment, respectively.

These brands have a significant market share in their respective verticals and hold a unique stance as category leaders on Amazon with positive reviews, ratings and recall. Established by Dinesh Vardhan, Vikram Vardhan and Amit Hingarh over seven years ago, the brands are bolstered with a scrupulous procurement system which has contributed to their steady growth.

Upscalio envisions scaling these brands into INR 200 cr Annual Revenues in the next two years. To achieve its ambitious goals, the company will expand the brands’ geographical footprint while also ramping up new product development. UpScalio will also plan an eventual B2B foray to unlock new growth avenues for all three brands.

Speaking on the development, Saaim Khan, Co-Founder and COO, UpScalio, said, “Laptops and mobile devices are becoming intrinsic to every household, especially in the work-from-home era. Along with kitchenware, their utility is extremely high, and the category is poised to be disrupted by the technologically-superior and aggressive growth-minded brand. We look forward to helping these brands achieve Scale new heights by leveraging our core capabilities around Brand building, Marketing, NPD and Supply Chain optimization.

Dinesh Vardhan said, “Upscalio has created a fabulous strategic roadmap for Gizga, Tizum, AirCase and HomePuff. We are excited to see a greater section of customers enjoy and appreciate our efforts in building a category-defining house of brands. The brands are in the right hands as they enter their next phase of hyper-growth, and we are confident that UpScalio will bolster the market position of these brands .”

About UpScalio

UpScalio is India’s next-generation, data-driven consumer goods company. We invest in e-commerce businesses that sell on Amazon, Flipkart and other marketplaces and their own websites. Then, our A-team shoulders the responsibility to grow the business 5-10X. UpScalio unlocks wealth for original founders by providing a complete exit over time.