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Vinay Korapati believes in raising the bar, to consistently provide excellence

‘Business Mint’s young and dynamic CEO hopes to reach over 10,000 organizations by 2024, with 32 successful events, 100 million+ people reached, and 2500+ organizations recognized’

“The value of your work is not in the money, but in keeping your word, working with integrity, and having a satisfied customer” Meet the Founder of Business Mint, Mr Vinay Kanth Korapati. At the age of 16, he founded this market research company which is currently India’s leading market research firm. In 2018 with a strong desire to serve the business community, he started his journey with the belief that going beyond for customers is what separates companies that thrive from those that only survive. A young entrepreneur who stands apart from others by wanting to live a distinct life and succeed on his own flourished with his venture internationally. He is motivated by himself, upbeat and committed to leaving a legacy.

‘Vinay Kanth Korapati’ an entrepreneur role model who is an avid reader and pursues opportunities without allowing risks to become obstacles’India’s leading market research firm ‘Business Mint’ has assisted aspiring businesses in gaining media exposure. BM has established multiple networks with media giants across India and internationally to identify, recognize, and reward deserving companies. Business Mint organizes award events and assists with media exposure. It has successfully completed 35 significant events and has been acknowledged and rewarded by more than 2500 businesses, including non-profit organizations from all around India. Major media outlets cover these events, reaching an audience of at least 100 million people. Business Mint Awards’ global marketing and promotion initiatives benefit companies.Business Mint intends to develop a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs where individuals may be honoured for their dedication. Our sincere attempt to honour the fantastic business concepts, endeavours, and outstanding individuals who drive them to success at all costs. For the expansion and growth of his firm, Vinay is currently looking to the United States and the United Arab Emirates. He is eager to impart his skills after encountering various obstacles in his early years while navigating a difficult path to experience and funding from international organizations. Korapati shares, “Utilizing new technologies like AI, blockchain technology, IoT, and other user-friendly interfaces will reduce time and increase revenue. The goal of new marketing is to build a company with room to grow, not a relationship”. Vinay Korapati has set a goal of working with over 10,000 organizations by 2024, and this ambitious man will work arduously to meet that goal. Vinay Korapati aspires to be a quality standard in order to be exceptional.

‘Young entrepreneur influenced by successful persons he had respected throughout his life and had a strong desire to succeed for a higher purpose’

Business Mint’s vision is to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in advancing their careers through research and a rewards system. We place a great focus on quality and make sure that fieldwork is done in accordance with very strict research-related requirements. Today we are the preferred partners of global leaders.