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‘VLOGS’ creating healthy-tasty, low-calorie, fresh food products

VLOGS stands for Vegan, Low-calorie, Organic, Glutton-free and Sugar-free

Mr Sandeep Jangala, a serial entrepreneur, founded VLOGS Food Pvt Ltd in 2017. Intending to bring innovation from different aspects, such as the ingredients used, the products made, and the cooking methods. VLOGS runs various supermarkets and restaurants, including franchises, across the country. The company is in the retail and hospitality business by using “Ancient Millets” that have been grown for millennia. Vlogs had launched their first brand, ‘Yummy Bee’, which has various assortments of healthy and tasty food.

When Hello Entrepreneurs asked Mr Jangala how he had been into its culinary sides, he shared, “Food has always been a passion of mine. I love exploring new restaurants wherever I go and love experimenting with different cuisines from around the world. Not only can I tell you where you can find the best dosa or biryani, but I can also go deeper to help you find the best blueberry cheesecake or the best Falooda in town. From top-class restaurants to roadside stalls, I enjoy all kinds of food. Starting something in this space has always been on my mind and with Vlogs, we are delighted that we are doing something meaningful, relevant and innovative when it comes to food”. Mr Jangala tells the idea and the story behind the name of his newbie venture, “Yummy Bee is our desserts brand started with the objective of creating ‘Everyday desserts’ that delicious, low in calories, and made using our ‘Secret Millet Blend’. We ensure that our desserts are 100% Sugar-free, Maida-free and Gluten free. At the same time, Yummy Bee does not use any preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours. The name for the same comes from ethical virtues, such as purity, perseverance and creativity that a bee symbolizes. Yummy Bee products are gut-friendly, use Greek yoghurt and keeps out negative ingredients, such as preservatives, artificial flavours and essences. Its products are available on Swiggy and Zomato, directly selling on VLOGS website and the Instagram handle. VLOGS is also opening retail channels through various supermarkets and retail chains. We are happy that the brand was recently recognized as “Top Concept Cloud Kitchen” for 2022 in Hyderabad”, he added.

‘VLOGS was created to change the notion by creating products through research and innovation at every level. We ensure that we innovate in terms of the ingredients we use, in terms of the cooking methods we use and in terms of the final products that we visualize’

Everyone experiences ups and down in life, and everyone fails at some point along this journey we call life. The best way to get through it is to consider it part of the journey and not as an end destination. When you come to this realization, you develop personally and get closer to success.

Future plans of VLOGS: This year, we plan to focus on Hyderabad and establish 10 kitchens across the city. Over the next 5 years, we plan to expand to 800 kitchens across India and South East Asia. We also plan to expand our cuisine range by introducing pizzas, artisanal bread and Indian sweets.