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Wat-a-Burger to launch 10 new Flagship Dine-in outlets by the end 2021

New Delhi, December 15: Wat-a-Burger, the dynamic burger chain, has announced expanding its presence by launching ten new Flagship Dine-in outlets across eight cities by the end of the calendar year 2021. 

The brand plans to expand its presence in the tier 2 cities in India with the new aggressive expansion plan in Lucknow, Pune, Patna, Muzaffarpur, Kozhikode, Palakkad, Jamshedpur, and Mumbai. Wat-a-Burger already has significant presence across-26 cities and nine states in India. The brand currently has 60+ outlets across the country. As per its recently announced targets, it aims to reach a mark of 100 outlets by the end of the fiscal year.

Wat-a-Burger – Noida Outlet

The brand has continuously expanded its presence and product offerings to reach a broader customer base. It recently launched the cheapest burger at Rs 29 only. The FnB startup burger chain manufactures its own buns to keep quality control. Wat-a-burger provides the option to choose from more than 75 food items from over 10 categories in the menu.

 “Due to the pandemic, we had to make slight changes in the initial expansion plans in terms of locations and their timeline. However, things seem to be very much back on track now. We are going aggressive in all directions to mark our presence. The idea of tapping tier 2 markets has been one of the best strategies and has worked in our favour. Therefore, Wat-a-Burger will open most new outlets in tier 2 markets only. We expect a tremendous response in these cities,” said Mr. Farman Beig- Co-Founder and CEO, Wat-a-Burger.

 The brand believes to have recovered to almost 80 percent in terms of traction compared to covid times. The brand has witnessed 15% growth in the last six months. It also plans to achieve the revenue target of 40cr by the end of the fiscal year.