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We Founder Circle invests in 30 start-ups in the first year of operation

Over 500 Deals evaluated by more than 2000 angel investor communities on the Platform.  

New Delhi, December 14We Founder Circle (WFC), a founders led early-stage startup investment platform, has successfully invested in 30 startups across ten sectors in its first year of operation. The Platform has facilitated a total fund worth 12M USD across the investment deals. Unlike other investment platforms and incubators, We Founder Circle platform connects entrepreneurs directly with potential investors who have founded successful startups themselves. The model not only facilitates investments but also promotes founders turned investors to back the budding entrepreneurs.

We Founder Circle team has taken the sector-agnostic approach. The majority of the investments enabled by We Founder Circle are in the Consumer D2C sector, followed by AgriTech, Fintech, Edtech and others. The Platform aids the investments through a strong network of over 2000 angel investors spread globally. Simultaneously, the brand is also focussing on empowering women entrepreneurs leading around 30% of the WFC startup portfolio.

Amit Tyagi, Cofounder iServeU Tech, Abhishek Gupta, CEO APAC & ME, Turbotic, Dr Aloknath, Veteran Technologist, Dravya Dholakia, Dholakia Ventures, Siddharth Shah, MD Rajesh Motors Ankur Jain, Eminent Cars, Hitesh Dhawan, Founder Neuronimbus, Gaurav Juneja, Textile Entrepreneur, has been the top investors participated in multiple investments throughout the year. The Unicorn Founders also fund 20 % of WFC portfolio startups. Furthermore than 25%  of WFC portfolio startups have Female founders.

“Building a startup demand a lot of tangible and intangible support. While you are stepping into entrepreneurship, you seek an investor who understands the early hurdles and mentors you sharing the same wavelength. WFC weaved this model to fill the long-existing gap and mark its success. It today stands tall closing 30+ successful investment deals in its first year of incorporation. The startups are witnessing high scale growth, and more than 25% of them raised their next round of funds within 6-7 months of investment from our side.” said Mr. Neeraj Tyagi-Co-founder and CEO, We Found Circle. 

Community Builder and one of the Co-founders of We Founder Circle, Mr. Gaurav VK Singhvi, has spread awareness about the angel investment and startup mentoring startup community across India. He has taken several masterclasses on How angel investment becomes the asset class investment in cities like Nagpur, Raipur, Surat, Vadodara, Jaipur, Dehradun etc.

On the success of the first-year operation Mr. Gaurav VK Singhvi, Co-Founder We Founder Circle, affirmed, “One of the prime reasons for this milestone achievement is the active participation of investors from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We have been able to engage HNIs and founder turned investors from over 40 tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. Seventy percent of WFC angel investors are from these cities. We aim at adding at least 2000 more investors from tier 2/3 town in the next year.”

“Within the first year, WFC has spread its wings across 16 countries globally. Despite the pandemic, we were able to attract angels from various geographies to participate in the startup investment deals. Investors from outside India have infused 15% percentage of the funds,” said Ms. Bhawna Bhatnagar, Head of Global Partnerships & Co-founder, We Founder Circle

We Founder Circle has taken a lot of strategic steps to become the first investment platform to close 30+ deals in its first year of incorporation. The recently launched Global accelerator programme ’EVOLVEX’ further acted catalyst and became the launchpad for the latest six deals in the last quarter of the running calendar year. The brand aims at closing 60 deals in the next calendar year 2022.