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We Founder Circle leads Pre-seed round worth USD 70K in Humors Tech

Humors Tech intends to use the funds to expedite its clinical research study

The Start-up is from the first cohort of EvlolveX, Global Accelerator Programme by WFC  

New Delhi: We Founder Circle (WFC), an early-stage start-up investment platform led by a global community of successful founders and strategic angels, along with the WFC VP, has announced leading the pre-seed round worth INR 54 lakhs raised by Humors Tech. Humors Tech was founded by IIIT Alumni in 2021 to develop innovative products for Home Healthcare. The primary aim of the start-up is to combine its expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Tech, and IoT with clinical research to create innovative yet simple-to-use healthcare platforms. 

In the current times, when lab-based diagnostic tests are invasive, time taking, and expensive procedures, Ankur Jaiswal, Suchita Kanaldekar, and Pushkar Bhagwat came together to co-found Humors Tech with the aim to develop an easy-to-use device for a complete health screening from comfort of one’s own home. In the absence of any professional support, Humor facilitates a unique non-Invasive breath technology to detect the early onset of critical diseases such as heart issues, kidney issues, liver issues, lung issues, and diabetes with accurate health screening on multiple parameters. 

The 3 co-founders bring extensive experience in deep Tech, Clinical Research and Business Development from their previous roles. Ankur Jaiswal, Co-Founder& CEO, is a second-time founder with8+ Years of experience in Deep Tech. Suchita Kanaldekar Co-Founder& CSO brings 10+ years of experience in the Research and development of novel oncology platforms. Pushkar Bhagwat, third Co-Founder, has 6+ years of experience in product development using cloud and AI. The brand has secured the amount through EvolveX, a global accelerator programme run by We Founder Circle.Commenting on the funds raised, Ankur Jaiswal, CEO & Co-Founder of Humors Tech, said, “We want to thank WFC and all other investors for their faith in our prototype and idea. The investment has boosted the confidence of our team and it definitely will make a meaningful contribution to our company’s hypergrowth, allowing us to build our business more quickly. We thank WFC’s experienced angel investors for providing guidance in fundraising, from creating the pitch deck to the presentation. Furthermore, we will look forward to their expertise in elevating our business model and target market segment to make it a success.” 

In India, the absence of affordable tests and accessible technologies for routine medical checks results in the late diagnosis of critical ailments. Additionally, due to the lack of knowledge about health and wellbeing, we only go to the physician when the disease starts presenting alarming and unbearable symptoms. Moreover, the growing geriatric population & dependency ratio in India is further expected to drive the demand for home healthcare. “Seeing Humors Tech’s capabilities to be a game changer in this sector, we are excited to have invested in the start-up and we pledge to endorse its mission in all aspects,” said Neeraj Tyagi, Co-founder, We Founder Circle. 

The start-up understands that the field demands continuous research, and this is the only way it will be able to strengthen its foundation and keep the wheel of innovation moving. Therefore, it will be directing the raised investment towards accelerating the clinical research study.