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Web3 platform raises $1 million in seed funding

January 4: The, a discovery platform for web3, has raised over $1 million from Woodstockfund, Arcanum capital, lancer capital, lumos labs and founders of persistence, Biconomy, falconX. is a platform where people can discover what new NFTs top collectors are buying, meet people from various communities and interact with each other.

Web3 largely refers to the new era of the internet, where it is an amalgamation of finance, technology and culture.

NFTs are one such prominent alternative digital assets that have really come to light in 2021. 2022 looks even promising for the creator economy and followers to participate in this new era of the internet – web3 towards financial independence. ( is soon opening its private alpha, to become an early supporter of the community, you can join their discord here: [ ] (

Web3 is an incredible opportunity for everyone on the internet. Web3 is about financializing the information layer. First, you could send a picture online, now that picture has value. The same is going to happen with a lot of things, and people can realise this value by being part of this, as a coder, contributor, creators & even consumers.  Imagine what would it be to get paid for watching YouTube; that’s the potential web3 has for the internet, and we have just started. Excited for what’s to come in the next 5 years, said Anuj Kodam, Co-Founder, the

“The first internet revolution was read-only. The web2.0 was read and write, but the hype around web3 is real because it’s now read, write and own. This time around, users are the owners. Advertisements will be replaced with activities, Sponsorships will be replaced with buying the NFT collections or joining a DAO; gaming will earn you money. The economics of the way the world works are changing rapidly due to the growth of programmable money and removing the middleman. The next 2 years are going to be very important for onboarding users into this ecosystem,” Amarnath JV, Co-founder of the