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Westinghouse India’s vision to create the same brand value as in the US market

Being an entrepreneur, I enjoyed the hustle that makes every day a lot more interesting: Shipra Dubey

US electronic giant Westinghouse Corporation entered India and has appointed Shipra Dubey to run the business in India. Shipra has been very active in the brand licensing domain and has helped brands, like Pepsico, Acer, Compaq, Oxford University, ManCity, NBA, WWE, MarieClaire Paris and JCB etc., across multiple categories to make an inroad into the Indian market.

Let’s have a chat with one of the youngest Brand Consultants to head a US giant. “It is a 130-year-old brand with its own legacy, values and name, which are quite popular in Countries like the US, China, Australia etc. Our Plan and vision are to create the same brand value in the Indian market as well. We have a long-term plan in India and have already initiated a partnership to strengthen the base in our country. With that, we plan to partner and train segment experts to bring the legacy of our century-old American brand to India. And we are glad to receive such a great response from consumers from our existing products. We thrive on technology and brand legacy that creates an instant connection with our target consumers. Hence our television and smaller appliances quickly got popular amongst the millennials. We are happy to announce that Westinghouse is soon launching two amazing products in the Indian market in partnership with one of the biggest retailers here and I am sure our consumers are going to love the technology and design that we will be coming up with”.

Being an entrepreneur, I enjoyed the hustle that makes every day a lot more interesting. There is never a monotonous day in your life. You are either building a brand or solving problems, taking care of operations while making sure your team is happy and performing.Further, we asked Miss Dubey, as Westinghouse is a well-known brand and secondly, electronics is a competitive segment, so is there any pressure on you? Responding to that, she said, “Aren’t challenges exciting for you? I love a job that will keep me on my toes always. While we had done a pilot product last year itself, we had been planning our long-term strategy for India since a long time already. The brand received so much love and trusted globally that having a strong presence in India was definitely the next plan. While there is a certain pressure to excel and to make sure we stay on the path we have planned, it’s certainly exciting to lead a brand that already has a story and legacy to its name. I look forward to building a highly efficient team and building a strong brand presence in India with products available across country”

Success Mantra of Shipra Dubey: “It’s very simple for me, not trying your best is taking a road to failure rest everything else accounts for a path towards success. If you have the right attitude and determination, you will definitely succeed. I just always make sure that whatever opportunity comes my way, I give my heart and soul to it”

Firm believer Miss Shipra tells how one should cope with failures and move further in this beautiful journey. “I have my little share of learning from the ups and downs or wrong decisions I have made. But I make a point to always take learning and move on to the next adventure called life. With time I have come to terms with the fact that your failures can’t define you but it’s what you do after failures that defines you. Having said that, it’s too early stage for me to have something called a significant failure yet, probably after a decade or two more I will be in a better position to answer this”.