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WFC, a global community of entrepreneurs and investors helping startups

We Founder Circle is a global community of outstanding entrepreneurs and strategic investors founded in Mumbai in 2020. The union has banded together to help ambitious startups speed their sector growth. WFC invests between $50,000 and $150,000 in early-stage startups that want to grow sustainably and strategically. The brand assists startups with seed finance, company development, and worldwide networking opportunities since it thinks that early-stage businesses require assistance in a variety of areas to achieve stability and scalability. Neeraj Tyagi, the co-founder of We Founder Circle, talks about the vision and mission of his community to help budding entrepreneurs.

Q – Give us a brief introduction to We Founder Circle.

NT – We Founder Circle is a global community of successful founders & strategic angels. The platform enables young entrepreneurs to connect with investors who are founders of established startups themselves. It facilitates a stronger association where the investors get to offer beyond just monetary support. They mentor and guide simultaneously, offering support and understanding towards a budding founder.

Q – How is the WFC model different from that of other VCs?

NT – Many VCs are there in the market, contributing to the ecosystem. However, the need for a platform that facilitates offering beyond funding was required. New entrepreneurs who have just stepped into the industry demand more than just financial support. They face challenges that they could not have anticipated, and investors who are established and have gone through the same would understand the same better and will be able to guide. Therefore, our platform is weaved around the concept of founders backing founders.

Q – Which are the key sectors for 2022, according to you?

NT – We have already explored healthcare, edtech, and D2C. In 2022 we are targeting- EV, FinTech, AgriTech, Web 3.0, and DeepTech.

Q – Enlighten us with the total number of startup investment deals closed (number and worth).

NT – WFC has become one of the fastest-growing angel networks, with more than 33 startup investments in 2021. We easily aim at doubling the number. Currently, we have made a total of 56 investments.

Q – Where do you see the company in the next ten years?

NT – We want to expand our global presence and become the largest community-driven investment platform on the international stage.