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Wildermart – saving environment with Beyond the Cloth Bag Campaign

Urges to take small efforts to make the environment a better home for all

Bengaluru, June 9: Wildermart, a Bangalore based healthy and sustainable grocery store, has announced a month-long campaign, ‘Beyond the Cloth Bag,’ on World Environment Day. This year the theme decided by the UN is “Only One Earth”, focusing on “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”. Though we believe there is no certain day to come forward and take a step towards saving the environment, let’s take time out this entire month to take climate action on an individual level and contribute what we can to counter climate change.

Climate change is an urgent matter today. We see its impact in every part of the world daily. Adverse weather conditions have become commonplace. And there is a pressing need to do more, a lot more. While things are being done at the policy level, there are a lot of changes that consumers can bring about at an individual level by changing the way they consume. Conscious consumption choices are abundant right now. Every time consumers consciously choose, they pay for and support a business that is working for the environment. And imagine if all of us start doing this – it would bring about a big systemic change in ethical and eco production and distribution.

Beyond the Cloth Bag is a campaign aiming to highlight the urgency of climate action. It also tells people that we don’t need to wait for big policy changes for this to happen. We can start small with our everyday consumption and see what a wave of change can create. Using cloth bags and replacing plastic straws is good, but not enough. We have to start doing more. Wildermart will help show customers this month the many possible changes daily. We urge people to find the ones easy for them to start with and then continue on that journey. Each of us has a role to play, and we must strive to do more if we want our children to live and eat healthily.

Shweta Thakur, Founder & CEO of Wildermart, said, “We love that people have become conscious and are making choices in line with the needs of the environment today. Wildermart aims to make it easier for people to do that. We are focused on bringing about a change through everyday consumption – since it all adds up. When the economics of production start shifting, the impact that large scale production has on the environment will also change.”

She added, “As individuals, there is so much we can do. Make those sustainable swaps – not just with bags and straws – but more. Choose brands with 0 plastic packagings. Find e-commerce platforms that do emissions-free deliveries. Choose natural products that don’t release chemicals into water bodies and soil. Don’t buy what you don’t need. And then, of course, the food. Our food is the biggest game-changer when it comes to tackling climate change. Choose organic – so that the topsoil can be protected for longer and our kids have food security. Eat local. Junk the imported stuff which needs high carbon emissions to get to your plate. Try vegan. That’s the biggest thing you can do individually for climate action. Eat clean label foods which don’t use palm oils.”

To make these adaptions easy for everyone, Wildermart has developed four pillars of consumption: 1. Organic, 2. Vegan, 3. Local and 4. Clean Label. These four pillars of consumption shift the dial on the environment and help us towards a healthy earth. The basis on these 4 pillars, Wildermart is launching 8 start-kits in segments like Dental care, Feminine Hygiene, Home care, Vegan, Organic, Local, Bakery and Personal care. These starter kits are a small step to changing our day-to-day environment damaging habits. Let’s have an insight into what these 4 pillars are and how they can help make the dream project towards a healthy earth a real success.

Organic: Everyone is aware of the process of soil making and how much soil is important for our living. Conventional farming has destroyed the top layer of soil, which will lead to its end in about 60 years. No soil means no food! This issue calls for organic, restorative and biodynamic farming, which will help to fix this soil damage and provide food for future generations. Even if you are not a farmer, as a consumer, you can do your part by consuming and paying only for organic products. Choose brands with 0 plastic packagings. Wildermart’s products are not packed in plastic, and The rice, dal, fnc portfolio, etc., for Wildermart is organic and locally sourced from local FPOs. 

Vegan: At an individual or community level, cutting down on dairy and meat is very impactful. This will help the environment a lot, and a true environmentalist must cut down everything which consists of dairy and meat. This is the first and foremost step towards doing a real service for the environment and the biggest thing you can individually do for climate action.

Local: In the modern era of online shopping, the online transportation footprint is at its peak because we consume products from all over the world. Shifting to local consumption will reduce the footprint and save our environment. In mind, Wilder Mart’s sourcing policy is 70 per cent local.

Clean Label: Manufacturing products like preservatives, palm oil, and other cheap ingredients releases chemicals into water bodies. Meat and dairy are the largest cause of rainforest depletion, and palm oil is the second. Have you ever wondered how the water requirements of future generations will be met if this remains to be the earth’s condition? This urges us to consume clean-label food, and we do a great service towards this and help by cleaning the environment of all the harmful chemicals. This ultimately also helps us stop the spread of diseases from this water’s consumption.

So, there is nothing to wait for! These four pillars of the environment urge for an immediate step, and you can do a lot at a personal level by opting for these things to save the environment. ‘Beyond the Cloth Bag’ encourages people to do more. We must do what we can as this is the highest hour to be selfless and work together. This will help us to leave a world which can promise a healthy and safe environment for our future generations.