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With 50,000+ major breakthroughs verified, Antano & Harini taking the power of Excellence Installations to the new industries

Estimated to be a trillion-dollar industry, EIT (Excellence Installation Technology) is the disruption in personal evolution

Chennai, January 7: New Year 2022 is here to unveil the mystery of personal evolution. As humans, we evolve with the ever-unfolding of years. However, more often than not, this evolution is not under our control. We can’t always decide or choose the direction in which our lives are headed. A Chennai-based start-up incubator is challenging this status quo.

Meet Antano & Harini, Legacy Accelerators and the world’s largest one-on-one mentoring platform. Through their propriety Excellence Installation Technology, the duo has personally produced over 50,000 breakthroughs, leading to a permanent shift in the trajectory of lives of the participants.

Commenting on the success of their disruptive tech, Antano Solar John, Co-Creator of EIT, observes, “By shaping talent evolution in every sector, Excellence installations is an enabler like Information Technology and a potential trillion-dollar industry, globally.

World Leaders and Legends all over know how difficult it is to get someone to evolve personally. What if we have the technology for personal evolution just like how we now have the technology for travel and communication that are revolutionary, compared to what we had a century ago?

Like how you design a garden, can the different aspects of how a Human being evolves be designed? Can context-specific, outcomes-based targeted ‘Excellence’ be installed in people? Antano and Harini have been developing cutting-edge technology to artfully design how a person evolves and becomes ‘ready’ for the next league of life experiences in compressed time, with targeted and personalized capability development done through a method called ‘Installations’.

Instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, EIT looks at an individual and equips them with the changes that they need to personally evolve and time-compress, launching a unique legacy. With EIT,

  • Entrepreneurs have experienced unprecedented growth. EIT-enabled ‘Close The Deal’ program was helmed as the ‘Booster dose for Indian Economy’. Some of the EIT-enabled start-ups & EIT Entrepreneurs incubated by Antano & Harini are today well-established names in the field of wellness, education, media, coaching, etc.
  • Evolving Families, with EIT being the invisible glue for over 2,500 families and transformed 10,000+ family relationships.
  • R. Rahman’s Sunshine Orchestra’s under-privileged children who were learning music became a global-stage-ready in record time
  • Schools have experienced 100% pass percentages, which hasn’t happened in the history of their existence
  • Doctors have turned around psychosomatic health challenges for which there is no medical cure.

EIT has demonstrated potential for disrupting several industries with extremely impressive results that have stood the test of time. Thus, EIT Education is being rapidly adopted by industry leaders across various sectors in Education, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Sports, and Media. Antano and Harini received the ‘Award of Honour’ from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for delivering social impact by altering the life trajectory of individuals with Excellence Installation Technology.