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With the Hylyt app from SocioRAC, you can now easily capture material, screenshots, copy, paste, and manage data on your mobile device

Are you fed up with the constant hassles of maintaining your content material, capturing screenshots, and copying and pasting on your mobile devices? If you answered yes, you should download the HyLyt smartphone app. This platform offers simple end-to-end proprietary solutions that interface with other apps and help users manage work and content quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Rajat Singhania, founder of HyLyt by SocioRAC, discusses his company’s vision and objective in an interview with Rahul Mehra.

RM – How & when did SocioRAC start?

Rajat – Being an entrepreneur, my journey is more about finding a solution to the everyday struggles of mankind! My story was similar when I came up with an idea in mid-2016, the concept of managing content easily and organised. Due to the exponential growth of mobiles, etc., we are flooded with content but have a problem filtering and saving the relevant content. While it was due to a personal pain point, what ignited the thought into the product was that no solution could help me with the problem at hand on searching. It further led to what we now know as HyLyt by SocioRAC.

RM – What are the products/services offered by SocioRAC?

Rajat – The first-ever product by the brand is HyLyt, an app to solve the daily problem of managing content without needing screenshots and copy Paste. The platform adds a simple end-to-end proprietary solution that integrates with other apps and aids faster, more efficient & smarter work and content management. Moving forward, HyLyt is an application that meets both the personal and business needs of its users when it comes to managing data efficiently. This single superior platform helps users in information management, allowing them to handle multiple tasks without any hassle on a priority basis by increasing your productive hours.

RM – What are the key features of ‘HyLyt’?

Rajat – Being a patented product, HyLyt offers a unique value to individuals and businesses alike. With digital technology, the app’s goal is to organise and categorise the massive amounts of unstructured data generated by users across all platforms they use and serve as a central repository for keeping pertinent sensitive data secure.

HyLyt’s sole focus on superior data management has resulted in a highly user-friendly platform. Secure communication is one of HyLyt’s primary characteristics; note-taking and sharing are all done in one spot. Files can be shared (images, video, and all others). Users can also use the app to plan and schedule meetings, simplifying communicating meeting information. Password-protected conversations and the ability to restrict recipients from sharing and forwarding content (files) sent by you are two of HyLyt’s most vital features. It aims to generate 2.5 billion man-hours of additional productive time by 2025, thus leveraging digital technology to help enterprises manage their digital data overload.

RM – How is ‘HyLyt’ different from other similar products available in the market?

Rajat – The app brings together six crucial elements of the organisational landscape over one platform – video conferencing, note-taking, calendar, to-do list, file sharing, and collaboration — together with a unique tool to offer a “Google” kind of organising and searching of your data.

RM – What are the plans for the future? Where do you see the brand 2-3 years down the line?

Rajat – We aim to be the go-to product for people when they think about information management. While most products work vertically, we work horizontally, which is our USP.

Talking of our roadmap moving ahead, we would be adding automation, blockchain, AI, location, and voice-based functions in the next two years, making the product even more powerful and convenient for users.

RM – What would you advise someone who’s just starting?

Rajat – The start is always the most challenging part! Don’t just give up yet; keep preparing, for the best is yet to come.