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Xtraview platform to enable students for displaying their unique qualities

A platform that encourages fair and holistic selection for institutions & organizations 

In today’s times, the two factors that contribute to success are communication and collaboration. Yet this skill of communicating effectively is rarely honed in most students, making it a deterrent for them to achieve their dreams. The team at Xtraview realizes the importance of this skill and the gap that exists in addressing this need in the market. Hence, that’s how Xtraview was born. 

Xtraview is a start-up by two women- Katherine Ernst Mehta – an educationist, and Kavitta B Bedi- a leading entrepreneur in the children’s space. Both Katherine and Kavitta are conscious communicators, and they understood the relevance, importance and need for students to have this skill to succeed in today’s world. This platform enables students to give a face and voice to this paper-based application, ensuring that the students applying can showcase their communication and verbal skills. Xtraview is a unique platform and does not have any competition in the Indian market.

Xtraview also showcases a student’s analytical and critical thinking by answering the questions in extempore settings. The dedicated team at Xtraview records unbiased, unedited interviews and shares them with institutions. At Xtraview, questions are different in each interview and live writing samples give an accurate picture of the candidate. Specialist communicators of the team conduct Xtraview interviews, who are industry leaders in their fields and are now investing some time developing the next generation with skills that will help them succeed.

The team at Xtraview also realizes that while there is great importance given to academic rigour, there is little opportunity for students in India to learn critical communication skills, which are necessary and life skills today. High school students and even those completing graduate and post-graduate education are not “job-ready” as they do not have the requisite communication skills to set themselves up for success. Addressing this gap in the market, Xtraprep was launched a few months after Xtraview. Xtraprep workshops allow the students to learn, practice and master communication skills, one of the most significant contributors to success.  

Language is just one part of the effective communication cycle. There are many other facets of an interview process, like conducting oneself and effectively communicating an idea and preparation for an interview or interaction. Xtraprep workshops focus on 15 areas that are important for overall development. During these workshops, university and college students also undergo a specialized module on creating the best elevator pitch for themselves to help candidates stand out amongst applicants and ace their digital interviews and interactions.

Other than students, this platform is also beneficial for institutions and organizations. It promotes equity in admissions as the unscripted recorded interviews allow assessing the skills that matter honestly. The recorded interview is a 10-minute conversation giving in-depth information about the applicant. 

Organizations, too, can save a lot of time as recorded interviews are an incredibly efficient way to evaluate applicants. 

Xtraview keeps these recorded interviews for one year. To share recordings with organizations/ institutions, they do not have to download any app. The procedure is straightforward, wherein an email reaches their inbox with a link to the video of the recorded interview. This allows the candidate the flexibility to share it with multiple organizations. Hiring companies benefit, too, because they can review the interviews at their own time and convenience. The recording also allows them to review and reassess or compare candidates at any point during the review process.

Kavitta B Bedi- CEO & Founder says, “It doesn’t matter if you dream of becoming a dancer, a data analyst, an aeronautical engineer, a painter, an entrepreneur, a social worker, a marine biologist, or a corporate manager – at every level and stage of your career, being able to put a face and voice to your idea is what will give everyone the opportunity to succeed.”

The skills that Xtraview and Xtraprep provide are life skills that will stay with every participant and will continuously allow them to upskill themselves to remain relevant, updated and desirable in the workspace in whatever area they choose for themselves.