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Yamaha launches Wireless Headphones with Adaptive Technology & True Sound

Gurugram, February 22: Yamaha Music India launched its range of wireless headphones that intelligently adapt and respond to listeners and their environment. As the size and shape of each person’s ears and head are uniquely different – as are the acoustics and surroundings they find themselves in each day. These new headphones allow listeners to enjoy authentic music and True Sound experiences through proprietary adaptive technologies wherever they may go.

Six new models comprise the lineup, ranging from wireless neckband earbuds to active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones. All models feature new technology from Yamaha that optimizes the listening experience for each person and realize True Sound.

The hero models in the new lineup feature Listening Optimizer. Unlike alternatives that take a single measurement at one moment in time, Listening Optimizer works in real-time, making ongoing measurements and subtly adjusting if the fit or wearing conditions change to ensure the best sound.

The top of the line YH-L700A wireless noise-cancelling headphones feature head tracking and 3D sound Advanced ANC, which goes beyond standard active noise cancelling by incorporating new proprietary technology from Yamaha. Unlike typical noise-cancelling, which can often “colour” or degrade the sound, Advanced ANC analyzes and removes background noise while keeping the music signal pure and untouched. For situations where a listener wants to stay aware of their surroundings or communicate with another person, these and other noise-cancelling models include an Ambient Sound mode.

All models offer Listening Care, a technology that allows listeners to hear the full-range sound – from high to low frequencies – even at low volume settings. It overcomes a challenge faced by typical headphones, where low volume listening goes hand-in-hand with a pronounced reduction to certain frequency ranges, resulting in listeners cranking up the volume to levels that may affect hearing health. The long-term impacts may be specially compounded by daily wear. Listening Care solves this by encouraging lower volume listening by intelligently adjusting sound frequencies to maintain the full-range sound. Select models feature enhanced functionality, which analyzes music and background noise in real-time to automatically achieve the optimum balance to a listener’s selected volume setting.

“By adapting to each person and his or her surroundings, our headphones allow listeners to stay true to themselves and truly enjoy the music that shapes them,” said _Venkatesh P Manyam, Manager, Home Audio Division, Yamaha Music India. “Now, with our new line of headphones, from the moment you wake up and head out for the day to when you return home and relax with your favourite shows at night, Yamaha is there for you with unparalleled audio every step of the way.”

Yamaha is no stranger to the headphones space, taking the past several years to develop and define its next contributions to the category carefully. As the world’s largest maker of musical instruments, Yamaha is uniquely positioned as a leader in the authentic expression of music and sound. With this passion and understanding, Yamaha pursued its dedication to the craft even further with this new line and features to optimize musical enjoyment both inside and outside of the home.

All of the new headphones feature app control, in addition to simple controls to make phone calls, activate your favourite voice assistant and control your music with easy-to-find buttons. Each model offers a carrying case, charging cables and extended battery life. Additional features and accessories vary by model.

All Yamaha headphones will be available online on Amazon, Yamaha Music store and