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YOOGHEE Dairy welcomes super stockists, distributor wholesalers, and franchises in India

November 20: YOOGHEE, a leading dairy manufacturing company, welcomes all the super stockists, wholesaler-distributors, and franchisees across India. The brand newly introduced the first-ever natural ingredient, delicious ghee ‘YOOGHEE’. YOOGHEE dairy is processed with natural ingredients and aims to reach every Indian household.

Thina Momin, Managing Director of YOOGHEE Dairy, said, “When all the standards have been met, the distributor will be offering the items on behalf of the manufacturer. They are the superhero of our brand and the face of our manufacturer. We will plan everything very accurately so that every consumer across India receives our products.”

Momin further said, “There’s a step-by-step procedure to become a super stockist, distributor wholesalers, and franchises with YOOGHEE dairy. Any fresher or experienced person can be associated with us and start a journey with minimum surface area. The individual must be educated on how to operate everything and communicate with the customers. When one is wondering whether or not to invest in YOOGHEE dairy, it has to be said that the margin of distributorship for YOOGHEE dairy is very high as compared to other brands. A person who wants to associate with YOOGHEE dairy can earn a profit daily.

She added that the COVID-19 outbreak had hit every industry and the dairy industry is no different from other industries. However, the difference in the dairy industry from other industries is to produce products that are necessary for daily life. At this moment, we realize dairy is essential as compared to other industries. Dairy is needed in everyday life; during covid, the supply for dairy products was limited, and we aim in every scenario, no matter what the customer should be getting the YOOGHEE dairy products. The market for natural dairy products, especially ghee, is increasing daily, and this is when only limited brands produce delicious natural ghee. Many consumers consume ghee in daily life because it boosts immunity and gives a nutritional value.

While sharing features of the product, Momin said, “YOOGHEE dairy nutrition is very potential. YOOGHEE dairy is the best option and can be used in everyday diet and can cook various cuisines, veg, and non-veg varieties. It includes antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins, and healthy, friendly fatty acids. The consumer can get YOOGHEE dairy nutrition ghee at a budget-friendly price.”

YOOGHEE dairy produces creamy milk that includes natural ingredients, which are important for a healthy lifestyle compared to other brands. YOOGHEE dairy nutritional information holds rich energy, total fat that contains 6.8 g and saturated fat- 9.12g. These make the milk one of its kind as it is more creamy, tastier, and includes all nutrition compared to other brands.

YOOGHEE dairy includes fat-soluble vitamins and healthy friendly fatty acids. It helps in keeping good eye vision, hair, and skin, etc.