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Young entrepreneurs launching web 3.0 based cryptocurrency worldwide

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 4: If you have interest in the crypto world then you might be familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, etc. but there are many other cryptocurrencies like these which are used for financial services. Cryptocurrencies could redefine global priorities over time and becomming mainstream in the future. Looking into the same, Entrepreneurs, Meet Godhani, Pratik Bodra and Parth Parsana will soon launch their cryptocurrency, and their utilities will be covered with DeFi, NFTs & Metaverse. The main purpose of launching the token is to fix the financial problem globally by putting the power and responsibility in the currency holders’ hands.

What is DeFi and why do people choose DeFi over CeFi?

– DeFi is a short form of decentralised finance and CeFi is for centralised finance. DeFi is controlled by the people for the people. It is used for learning and earning with blockchain-based smart contracts.

– They are bringing DeFi as one of their utility also the reward will be in the same token.

They will also launch their exclusive collection of NFTs. NFTs are taking crypto to the next level. NFT holder will get guaranteed amount of allocation in their ido. These NFTs can also be used in their metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the virtual world where you can explore things just like how you do it in the real world. Their metaverse platform is the main utility of the token. Virtual land in metaverse can be bought with their respective token only. Metaverse plan will be decentralised and based on blockchain. All the features will be revealed soon.

Token’s smart contract will be made on the Ethereum chain (erc-20) and binance smart chain (BSC). Token distribution from pre-sale and public sale will be on different launchpad worldwide. Token listing on the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange will be after IDO.